AI to Track Bird Populations and Movements via chirping

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3 min readNov 29, 2021


A recent study reveals that the variety of birds in North America have fallen due to massive climate changes in the past 50 years. The study also reveals that migratory birds fly at night which makes it more challenging for the bird watchers to follow them and track them in the long term. The requirement to monitor Avian population levels has become critical today hence, the migration has reduced by 14% in the last 10 years.

Millions of birds in North America trek south each fall and migrate in the pursuit of warmer winter temperatures. At least a quarter of them do not make it due to northern breeding grounds in the spring or falling victim to the predators and last but not least the massive climatic changes. And man-made cell towers and oil pits have also created hurdles for them.

Hence, for a better understanding of how and why both populations are changing. With time researchers have switched to Artificial Intelligence Technologies for analyzing them. Scientists have been able to track a Bird’s True Intelligence via AI technologies. However, sometimes it’s just too much to go through all the data for getting answers to one single question. This is why there have been significant improvements in AI and the ability to use the large broader networks for using the technology discretely and properly.

Are you aware that Artificial Intelligence could also track Bird Populations as well as movements by analyzing bird chirping?

According to American scientists, Machine Learning has been a big game-changer for them. Today scientists are utilizing the soundscape for helping fractions in migration timings, population ranges, and other activities of the birds. As more and more audio data comes in, more sound-based projects would come up and help them study the effects of noise pollution on Birds.

The audio files are a treasure trove for them as it helps them analyze the needs and requirements of the birds effectively. They are also looking forward to sharing and accessing this information widely and helping them seamlessly. Artificial Intelligence Innovations with the blend of the latest Machine Learning algorithms have been able to identify animal species just from the calls and cries and process thousands of hours of data in just a day.

  • The study also states that analyzing and reading the audio files of the animals could help them revive the communication in animals which includes birds, crickets, frogs, and bats. These audio files could also aid in analyzing birds’ breeding activities, seasonal migrations, and more. However, a Machine Learning algorithm with millions of data feeds to help the national parks and sanctuaries to help understand the challenges of the animals and birds and help them restore the early habitat.

Several sound recognition systems are available which make use of Machine Learning algorithms to understand and process noise pollution on birds’ songs and also analyze their migration patterns. But to come up with a perfect solution one needs a lot of audio data to understand and process what the role challenges are. And with the right data feed in, it can efficiently help restore the good old days for the birds.

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